Operationalizing Your Legal Strategy

Have you received legal advice and need to put it in motion? Are you facing a large-scale legal project that needs to get through on time and on budget with the appropriate resources? Does your legal strategy need extra-wo/manpower but not all the time?

We are here to help you managing your legal projects and to find the legal staffing solution you need so you can reach the operational results you intend!

Operationalizing your Legal Strategy

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Le Legal Business Partner, un effet de mode ?

Le jargon des entreprises est en constante évolution et il est souvent difficile de distinguer entre les effets de mode et les mouvements de fond.


Legal departments occupy a special place.

They act as strategic advisers to the upper management and must simultaneously cater to the everyday need of the business.


Le Legal Project Management

La mutation des professions juridiques est en route. Une vague de changements les bouleverse. En réponse, de nombreuses innovations voient le jour.

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Laurent Dassonville

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