Why legal departments introduce LPM in their daily operations

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Legal departments occupy a special place.

They act as strategic advisers to the upper management and must simultaneously cater to the everyday need of the business. Additionally, they must constantly demonstrate the added value they bring to their organization. And if all that is not enough, legal department are subject to the same managerial changes as the rest of the corporate world.

Legal department therefore need the tools and technics to confront those challenges, deliver their services on-time and efficiently and protect the well-being of their members.

Adopting the best tools adapted to their specificities

Legal Project Management (LPM) has been developed with legal departments in mind. By adapting the best project management methods that other parts of the business have been using for years, LPM allows legal departments to run projects of their own or to integrate into larger project easily.

Adopting LPM enable legal departments to adopt a project-based culture, to ensure better strategic and cross-functional alignment and to be recognized as true business-partners.

The doorway to legal operations

Because running actual projects is much more than just delivering legal expertise, adopting LPM is often used as a steppingstone for any legal department willing develop legal operations initiative.

Once the LPM mindset and tools are in place, managing external lawyers and bringing legal spend under control will be much easier as is the integration of innovative legal technology or the deployment of new ways of delivering legal services effectively across an organization.

Turning Lawyers Culture

Turning around in-house lawyers’ habit of providing mere support services into a thriving team of impactful legal managers supposes the adoption of the right framework and a suited implementation plan. As a foundation stone, it usually requires the early adoption by a support group of influential members under the sponsorship of higher management.

From the outset, we propose to work with you to co-create the right environment to implement LPM. This is achieved thanks to our introductory workshops with senior lawyers picked by you to form the sponsor group. The goal is to create awareness and to focus on the value LPM and process improvement can bring to your legal department.

We are there to help and bring you the best tools and methodology available. Through intelligent design, effective communications and first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day constraint of a lawyer’s life and work, we are there to accompany you each step of the way.

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