Legal projects face the same pitfalls as any other projects

Treat your legal project like your other project, manage them!

Our Track Record

As LPM practitioner certified by the International Institute of Legal Project Management, we have used the LPM methods with success in the past:


Advance deal prep for a M&A Transaction
(Real Estate)


Acquisition of an insurance broker
(Insurance Company)

A part of the project team (PMO) of a major insurance company, we oversaw the definition of the legal strategy and carried it from start to finish (defining risk profiles and mitigation strategy, advising senior management on negotiation strategy, coordinating external legal professionals, etc.).


€50M Treasury Notes Program
(Construction Company)

For a seasoned issuer, we coordinated the set-up of a treasury notes program (information memorandum, corporate and contractual documentation) with the bank and outside counsels.


€30M EUR Bond Issuance
(Real Estate Developer)

As project leader for a first-time debt issuer, Counselled coordinated the work of law firms, financial advisers and of the client’s internal team to produce all the legal and commercial documentation needed for a €30M bonds issuance and subsequent quotation. The project was followed by the introduction of strict compliance policies within the client.